We’re calling on Trader Joe’s to stop selling meat raised with antibiotics.
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I urge you to source and sell only meat and poultry raised without antibiotics in all your Trader Joe's stores. The widespread use of antibiotics in food animals contributes to the spread of deadly, antibiotic-resistant "superbugs" in humans. We must preserve our antibiotics, and your leadership could begin to change the priorities for our nation's livestock producers. Thank you!
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The overuse of antibiotics in meat production threatens public health. But consumers and supermarkets can help change that.
Americans are under threat from antibiotic-resistant superbugs,
making us vulnerable to common, once treatable infections. A remarkable 80 percent of antibiotics sold in the U.S. are used not by humans, but by the meat and poultry industries so factory farm animals can grow faster and survive crowded and unsanitary conditions.
This is creating superbugs on the farm, and humans are exposed in a number of ways, including when we handle or eat undercooked meat. Our life-saving drugs are becoming less effective when we really need them. Unfortunately, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has refused to take meaningful action to restrict the use of unnecessary antibiotics in livestock production.
But consumers can still do something to make change. We can be the catalysts to turn the tide on this public health crisis. We can show our support for companies that don’t take our health for granted, and we are asking grocery stores to join us by choosing to only sell meat raised without antibiotics.
We’re calling on Trader Joe’s to only source their meat from animals raised without antibiotics. As one of the most progressive national retailers, Trader Joe’s has already demonstrated care for their customers’ health by saying no to GMOs, artificial colors and trans fats in the products they sell. Trader Joe’s can also be a leader by helping move the livestock industry in the right direction.

As a consumer, you have a choice:
Support grocery stores that offer meat raised w/o antibiotics
and buy those products whenever you can.

to know which labels to look for, click here

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Scientists at the FDA systematically monitor the meat and poultry sold in supermarkets around the country for the presence of disease-causing bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics - and they’re telling us it’s getting worse.
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Scientist in the 1970's called overuse of anitibiotics in livestock production "naive and cavalier." His warnings - largely ignored at the time - are now coming to pass.
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Editorial lays out the reasons why it's critical for the meat industry to stop overusing antibiotics in animals. 
FDA Data: Slight Uptick in Animal Antibiotic Use, Resistance Remains Issue in Meat(Food Safety News, Feb 6)

New FDA data shows ever-increasing amounts of antibiotics being purchased for livestock use, and a rise in antibiotic-resistant bacteria in meat. 

Infographic: Record-high Antibiotic Sales for Meat & Poultry Production (Feb 6)
New data released by the FDA shows antibiotic sales for livestock production at an all-time high
Consumer Reports finds antibiotic-resistant bacteria in pork samples (Nov 27)
What's in that pork? A Consumer Reports investigation found widespread contamination by antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
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Meat Without Drugs campaign delivers over half million signatures asking the retailer to only sell meat raised without antibiotics. 
Get Antibiotics Off the Farm (NY Times, Aug 20)
Earlier this month, a federal magistrate judge in New York set a timetable for the FDA to follow in withdrawing two important antibiotics — penicillin and two forms of tetracycline — from widespread use in animals.
Troutdale Mom Calls for Antibiotic-Free Meat (Local 6 News, Aug 16)
More than 130,000 people have signed an Oregon mom's petition on calling on specialty retail grocery store Trader Joe's to only sell meat from animals raised without antibiotics.
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Meat Without Drugs campaign:
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